30 November 2020
Last Chance!

The recent live show from Marc Almond and Chris Braide will remain online until Friday 4 December. It is available to view on the front of this website.

The previous three live shows and episode two of Marc Life which are currently available to download will also only be available until Friday. After that they will be removed as we will then focus on the Christmas Special we are planning.

So, if you want to watch the Marc and Chris show and purchase the downloads of the previous shows you only have until this Friday to do so.

The Marc Almond and Chris Briade show is free to watch on the front of this website
Downloads of previous shows are available to purchase from the links further down this page

11 November 2020
Marc Almond and Chris Braide - live online concert

Marc Almond with song writing and production collaborator Chris Braide will play an intimate set of songs from their song writing and recording repertoire as well as some favourites. Piano and voice only. Join us from around the world - the set will be streamed live on this website and will remain online afterwards for one week to allow those in time zones that make it difficult to watch live to catch up. As with earlier Lockdown Live shows, this will be free to watch but donations will be much appreciated to help cover costs and support the recording studios. Enjoy the set and please support studios, musicians and music technicians in this difficult time.

Donate via PayPal

5 November 2020
A “Loveless” Christmas 2020

Shake off the lockdown blues and winter cold with a couple of special, socially distanced shows of blistering Rock 'n' Roll at Islington Assembly Hall on Saturday 19 December 2020.

2 performances - Matinee at 5.00pm. Evening performance 8.00pm.

Marc Almond and long-term guitarist/sideman Neal X have recruited Punk icon Iggy Pop's stupendous rhythm section, Ben Ellis and Mat Hector, to form "The Loveless" - described by Louder Than War as “Britain’s best garage rock band”. Drawing material from Marc's immense back catalogue with nods to T. Rex, Iggy, David Bowie, 60s R&B and garage rock it's a thunderous return to their primeval rock roots.

Plus - The legendary "Readers Wifes" DJ set

Tickets strictly limited to 150 per show @ £30 plus booking fee. Max 4 tickets per applicant.

On sale Friday 6 November 2020 at 10.00am from: https://dice.fm/artist/the-loveless-6d2q2

27 October 2020 We have received many requests for the first three Live Online shows Marc performed during lockdown to be made available as downloads so we are doing just that!

For a limited time, all three shows in their entirety are available to download individually or as a bundle at the low price of £7 each or £17 for all three. Chaos And The Hits, Acoustic Cornucopia and Electro Retro Hits Party were all streamed live from Dean Street Studios and received fantastic reactions and feedback.

As the shows were streamed live on the internet, the quality has experienced essential compression. Whilst still very good, please do not expect a high definition cinema quality video! However, shows one and two have also been enhanced with the superior audio direct from the mixing desk.

Please be aware these downloads are big files. The downloads are zip files which contain the video(s) in mp4 format and a readme file and will need to be unzipped before use. Please do this from a desktop or laptop computer as many phones and tablets do not have the ability to handle zip files.

We hope you will enjoy watching these shows again.

After purchase you will automatically be forwarded to a URL to download the file. If you experience any problems, please contact kate@marcalmond.co.uk (include a copy of your PayPal receipt)

Marc Almond Live Online
Chaos And The Hits

Marc Almond Live Online
Acoustic Cornucopia

Marc Almond Live Online
Electro Retro Hits Party

Marc Almond Live Online
All three shows bundle

20 October 2020 A message from marc regarding the SoundEdit Festival in Poland:
15 October 2020

As you may have noticed, since lockdown relaxed I have been doing a series of online shows with various London based Musicians I have the pleasure of working with. Most of these shows have been free with a choice of donating to pay musicians, studio and costs. So many of you around the world have been generous and supportive and participated in these unique events for our time; for which I and the people I work with have been so grateful for. Especially as I know that for some of you current finances can be a worrying situation so it’s all the more appreciated.

The past two Marc Life shows have been ticketed shows. This is because the shows involved a lot of work and many people taking part, many who currently have no or not much work. Costs have been high. I hoped the shows would have done better and, once again, many of you put your hand in your pocket to buy a ticket. Sadly, viewing figures were far less than the previous live shows for maybe a number of reasons; people not trusting the technology, not able to reach a wider audience with one set time showing and as shows couldn’t be streamed it missed a lot of people who I’m sure would have tuned in. It’s a shame as the Bolan show in particular involved a lot of work. I hoped it would do better but it ended up covering nowhere near the costs. The same with the first Marc Life featuring an exclusive Soft Cell performance. Sadly, I now have to abandon this format all together as in this time it’s hard for me to make such losses. I’ve tried through these shows to do something a little different every time; new songs, new themes with not much time to rehearse. As you can imagine, it’s hard at the moment to find good rehearsal space. The regular place I rehearsed, The Joint, sadly had to close because of the pandemic. Thankfully Dean Street is still going but who knows, with threats of lockdown, if this is just temporary.

I keep hearing “why should we pay for online shows” as if everything in these times should be free. Well, you don’t have to pay for online shows, you don’t have to watch them. Musicians, performers, actors are going through a very difficult time. Depression is high, performers and musicians are looking for other jobs of which there are very few, many are just giving up, retiring, despondent. Talent going down the drain, young musicians and performers dreams shattered. There is very little help if at all from the Government who seem to treat the Arts as a pastime hobby but it’s as valuable as anything else. The Arts and Music has its place in this world, that’s why we rush to buy tickets for our favourite Artists as soon as they announce a tour and are prepared to pay a lot for a prime seat. I know it’s hardly the same but a tenner isn’t that much in the grand scheme of things, a bottle of beer and a packet of fags. Online shows are a shadow of real live gigs but they can be exciting in their way and it’s all we performers can do to make a living at present. Despite what you may read or believe, live work is mostly my living. Only the top tier artists can live off record sales and can afford to take a year or two out which is why I continue to tour and work solidly. I’m not fortunate enough to take a year off. I’m ok and am still able to live a fairly comfortable life, I get not a thing from the Government and that’s right I think, but a lot of the people I work with are really having a very hard time and I can’t work well without them. I know people in all walks of life are suffering but music is my profession so it’s the flag I fly. When people think that all music should be for free they’re living in a dream world. I wish a lot of things could be free but they’re not and why should they be? It’s a profession, a great one, not exactly grafting 9.00-5.00 on the factory floor but a profession none the less like everything else. That’s why you buy a ticket to an online show.

I have a couple of online shows planned before Christmas if we aren’t all locked in our houses. Possibly a voice and piano show with Chris Braide in November when he’s in London and a Christmas show in December. We’re also investigating socially distanced venues for A Loveless Christmas. Fingers crossed. These will be back to the previous format of absolutely live and streamed with donations if you are able to and free if you are not. There is, I feel, a sense of apathy about online shows, maybe that will change as winter kicks in. After Christmas there will be no more online shows from me and you won’t see me again performing until I am back on a real stage. I’ve continued throughout the Pandemic to keep singing, performing and hopefully entertaining, even through illness (26 Instagram songs through lockdown as well as online concerts), yes and much of it for free. I’ve learnt that Instagram followers don’t translate into ticket support though your lovely comments have been welcome and very uplifting. Support musicians and performers if you see them trying to do something on line or in a socially distanced environment. I hope that all will be ok with my tours in the spring. We can only be but optimistic.

Thank you.

12 October 2020
The recent broadcast of Marc Life Episode 2 – Marc Bolan & T Rex Birthday Special has received incredible feedback. We have received many requests for it to be made available as a download and have decided to do so. The show is available in its entirety – that’s nearly two hours of glam rock awesomeness!

As well as a considerable amount of live music from Marc and his band, with special guest Danielz from T Rextasy, the show features a host of special guests including Toyah, Tony Visconti, Bill Legend, Glen Matlock, Nona Hendryx, Simon Napier Bell, Andy Ellison, Andy Scott and more.

The download costs £12.50 and payment is processed through PayPal. You can purchase by clicking the button below.

The show was streamed live on the internet so the quality has experienced essential compression. Whilst still very good, please do not expect a high definition cinema quality video! Please also be aware that the download is a big file, just under 3.5GB. The download is a zip file which contains the video in mp4 format and a readme file and will need to be unzipped before use. Please do this from a desktop or laptop computer as many phones and tablets do not have the ability to handle zip files.

We are all extremely proud of this show and are delighted with the sensational feedback it has received. We hope you will enjoy watching it again.

After purchase you will automatically be forwarded to a URL to download the file.
1 October 2020
Marc Bolan and T Rex Birthday Special

Another chance to catch the Marc Bolan Birthday Special show that has received fantastic reviews.

The show will be broadcast at 4pm (UK time) this Saturday, 3 October

The show is jam packed with live music from Marc Almond and his band as well as special guests such as Danielz, Toyah, Bill Legend, Nona Hendryx, Glen Matlock, Andy Ellison, BP Fallon, Simon Napier Bell, Vicki Wickham, Neal X and many more.

Grab a drink, maybe some snacks and get ready for two hours of Glam Rock awesomeness!!

Tickets are just £10 and are available now from OutSavvy.com

The feedback for this show has been incredible. If you missed it first time round, this is the last chance to see it. Many who saw it first time round and going to be watching it again, that's how good it is!

The show will only be available at the time of broadcast and will not be available as a ‘catch up’. OutSavvy is our chosen booking agency as it supports LGBTQ+ charities and helps raise money for the great work these charities do around the UK.

17 September 2020
Marc Life Episode 2 will be broadcast on 30 September 2020 at 8pm (UK time) and will be a Marc Bolan and T Rex Birthday Special.

The show will be jam packed with live music and special guests such as Danielz, Toyah, Nona Hendryx, Glen Matlock, Andy Ellison, BP Fallon, Simon Napier Bell, Vicki Wickham, Neal X and more.

Tickets are just £10 and are available now from www.OutSavvy.com.

Marc Life will only be available at the time of broadcast and will not be available as a ‘catch up’. OutSavvy is our chosen booking agency as it supports LGBTQ+ charities and helps raise money for the great work these charities do around the UK.

15 September 2020
Marc Life Episode 1 will be repeated at 2am UK time this coming Sunday (20 September) for the benefit of those in other time zones to the UK. This will make it mid Sunday morning in Australia and early Saturday evening in USA.

Marc Life is a series of magazine shows from the legendary Dean Street Studios that will feature exclusive music performances, special guests, clips, features and chat. It’s Marc’s very own online TV show!

Episode 1 lasts for two hours and features live music from Marc and his band, some fantastic guests and an exclusive live performance from Soft Cell.

Ticket holders will be emailed one hour before the show starts with details of how to login to watch so please keep an eye on your email and check your spam folders if necessary. You will need your ticket number to enter.

Marc Life will only be available at the time of broadcast, it will not be available as a ‘catch up’.

Tickets for this online show are just £10 and are available now from www.outsavvy.com

OutSavvy is our chosen booking agency as it supports LGBTQ+ charities and helps raise money for the great work these charities do around the UK.

6 September 2020
Well, the cat is out of the bag!! The first episode of Marc Life does, indeed, contain an exclusive live set from Soft Cell.

Marc and Dave will be chatting about all things Soft Cell as well as performing an exclusive live set in the studio.

There will also be two live sets from Marc with his band as well as Marc performing with and chatting to many other guests.

Essentially, two live concerts for less than the price of one!

These performances are exclusive to Marc Life and not available anywhere else. The show will only be available at the time of broadcast so, just like any concert, you need to see it live. It will be broadcast one more time at a later date for those in different time zones (or those that want to watch it again!). The date and time for the second showing will be confirmed and a ticket link made available in the near future.

Marc Life will be broadcast on Monday 14 September at 8pm UK time. Tickets are just £10 and available from www.outsavvy.com

This is going to be special, if you have any interest in Marc Almond or Soft Cell you do not want to miss this!

15 August 2020
In September I’ll be presenting a series of magazine shows from Dean St Studio that will feature exclusive music performances, special guests, clips, features and chat. It’ll be my own online TV show.

I’d love you to send in some questions that I can answer or messages I can read out. If you have a question or a message you'd like to submit to be answered or read out please send it to kate@marcalmond.co.uk with the subject as Marc Life. I was so thrilled that people tuned into my online concerts from all over the world, from the furthest corners, it was a great feeling of bringing people together in these challenging and difficult times. Thank you for your support and I hope you will enjoy my Marc Life show as we try to bring you something different.

I can’t give much away but the first show will feature a Soft Cell exclusive!

Tickets for this online show are just £10 and are available now from www.outsavvy.com

Thank you


13 August 2020
Marc appeared on the Steve Wright Show on BBC Radio 2 this afternoon to talk about his new tour next year, the online shows that have recently happened, the forthcoming Soft Cell album and to announce a new online show that will be launched next month. To listen to the interview visit https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000lp1p , Marc is on from 2 hours 40 minutes in.

3 August 2020
Thank you so much and a big thank you to all of you around the world for watching our three Summer shows and a big special thank you to all those who tipped and donated. You have generated funds for the studio and given everyone a much needed boost. Much needed for those in my band and team in these times.

Here are just some of the places around the World that were looking into the shows: UK, USA, Spain, France, Poland, Russia, Netherlands, Argentina, South Africa, Ukraine, Denmark, New Zealand, Peru, Bulgaria, Malaysia, Malta, Hong Kong, Philippines, Lithuania, Estonia.

This is fantastic! The shows have been available for a while but have been taken down today. We will be putting together a best of compilation.

Your messages have been wonderful and it’s great to know that many of you say it felt it was as much like a real concert as is possible at the moment for an online show in these times. We certainly felt you were watching and got such a buzz that you were watching from places all over the world.

We’ve got to think outside the box and think of new ways of bringing you live music. I hope I’ll be back next year with a real bona fide tour but until then... thank you.

I hope to return in the Autumn for something different online.

Look after yourselves and stay safe and responsible.

Thanks and virtual hugs

Marc X

8 July 2020
Marc presents the last of his summer shows, absolutely live from Dean Street Studios, on Saturday 1 August 2020 at 9pm BST. The theme for this show is Electro Retro Hits Party so be ready to sing and dance along from the comfort of your own homes and gardens, living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, sheds or wherever you want to watch from.

As with the last two, there is no ticket required but we do request that you make a donation if at all possible to help cover the costs of the musicians, technicians, studio hire, etc and help keep this historic recording studio going.

The last two shows have been wonderfully successful with people tuning in from all over the world. We hope you will join us again for a wild celebration - all following social distancing rules, of course.

Available on the front page of this website at 9pm on 1 August. See you there!

Donate via PayPal

8 June 2020
Marc presents the second of three summer live online concerts at 7pm on Thursday 25 June. The first one was a fantastic success with people tuning in from across the world. Marc thanks you all and hopes he can join you intimately in your homes and gardens, living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms or wherever you watch your devices. As was the first show, this will be presented live from Dean Street Studios and will observe social distancing rules.

This show is called Acoustic Cornucopia, a mix of acoustic hits, favourites and surprises; a different selection of songs from the last show. Special guests Martin and Kimberlee McCarrick, known as The McCarricks, will be popping by to add some fiery violin and joyful Accordion.

Marc’s final show of the Summer will be on 1 August and details will be announced nearer the time.

Donations to help the studio and musicians will once again be welcomed and we hope you enjoy it as much as we did last time.

We look forward to virtually seeing you there and feeling your presence from across the World.

Donate via PayPal

31 May 2020
Thank you so, so much everyone who looked into our live show from Dean Street Studios on Friday night. It seems it was a huge success from your overwhelming reactions from all over the World as far as New Zealand and Mexico. I’m happy you enjoyed it and made an event out of it. We all need something that breaks the monotony of our current situations and I can’t express enough how much we enjoyed it, only the in between song pauses seemed strange without hearing the sound of an audience but we knew you were there and we felt the spirit. Thank you again and for all your generosity, everyone involved who had worked so hard to put the show on was over the moon with your responses. I think we were one of, if not the first, group of musicians to be able to do a live show like this in this crisis without being in separate locations.

I won’t bore you with all the technical jargon but to get the feed through the mixing desk to go live through a mobile phone (yes, a phone turned out to have the best picture though we had limited battery time) was not an easy task but so many commented how good the sound was. Thank you to Katherine Rhodes and Jonny Solway who made it work. It was nerve shredding at times!

We are thinking of doing a show at the end of the month for the next couple of months, different shows with many different songs. Hopefully things will relax a little more, providing we don’t have another spike, and there is talk of relaxing distancing to a metre in the near future which would be great, though it’s important not to forget the virus is still out there and to always be sensible. Through careful sense and choreography we were able to keep to rules.

I was thinking of next doing an acoustic / semi-acoustic favourites show with the same line up and location. We would like to hear from you what songs you would maybe like to hear, keeping it to my catalogue, songs I’ve previously performed and being populist as we only have limited time and want to appeal to a good cross section of people tuning in.

Even if things go back to a kind of semi-normality over the next couple of months, live music most likely won’t. I think that will be further off. That’s a lot of out of work musicians and all the tech people that make a show work losing their livelihood.

Look after yourselves and please be careful because we want to see you back next year in the venues enjoying yourselves.

Thank you all once again from me and my musicians and tech and a big, big thank you to all at Dean Street Studios for making it possible.


29 May 2020
Today's the day! Marc Almond In Concert - Live Online will be happening at 7pm BST today.

The live stream will appear on the front page of the website (not this page as previously mentioned) a couple of minutes before the concert starts. If you are not seeing it at 7pm BST, please refresh the page to load it. If you experience any problems with page loading the live stream will also be appearing on Marc's YouTube channel and you can watch it from there.

28 May 2020
Marc will be appearing on BBC Breakfast tomorrow morning at 8.50am to talk about lockdown and also the online concert taking place tomorrow.

16 May 2020
Whilst observing all social distancing measures, I’m excited to bring you my first ever online concert coming live from a recording studio location. The concert will be available for everyone to watch live on 29 May at 7pm BST here, on this very page. We will be ‘tipping the cap’ in the form of PayPal, for donations (or tips!) of any kind, no matter how big or small - it would be wonderful if everyone who helped put this together musically or technically get some payment for it.

Recording studios are struggling, sound engineers may not have jobs to go back to if the studios close, there is very little government assistance for musicians, studios, and the arts in general. Concerts have been cancelled, projects placed on hold and we don’t have an end in sight at the moment. It’s a nail biting time for our industry (and many others) and I hope that through concerts like these we can spread some joy, bring everyone together through music and give a little back to the people behind it all.

Donate via PayPal

A personal Message from Marc:
It would be lovely of you to support a studio which is weeks away from closing, as are many studies in London, despite the fact that it’s possible to observe social distancing measures in a studio with musicians spaced apart in a live room or using recording booths, the sound engineer separated in a control room. The Music industry is in terrible trouble. Not so much for the very successful artists, many who have their own home studios, who don't rely on touring all year whist many other artists do, myself included. A lot of artists can't rely on record sales and streaming has diminished income even more, they need the income that concerts generate which, after costs, don't always amount to a lot. Of course, you aren't obliged to pay and we hope you all enjoy it but a donation, however small, is extremely generous and shows your support. We all love live music and want it to continue to flourish until regular concerts can come back.

We can't at this point name the studio simply because we are worried that people with good intention might come to the venue and jeopardise social distance. We will announce it on the night.

I hope the success of this will enable me to do a series of very different concerts over the coming months. Thank you and take care.


Donate via PayPal

14 May 2020
I would like to say a big thank you to all those who enjoyed my Instagram song clips and especially to those who in the process donated to the Headway charity. That’s all for now but I’m not ruling out doing more in the future if this carries on and on I’m looking at the possibility of doing a couple of live online shows, hopefully with YouTube live. Not playing an instrument myself I need space where musicians can set up and keep social distance, that can supply sound and are prepared to open safely in these times. I’m investigating some possibilities at present and hope to give you news on that soon. Meanwhile all the performances will still be up on Instagram.

The full list of songs ,in no particular order - Love Is Blue, End Of The World, What Makes A Man, This Will Be My Day, People Are Strange, The Crystal Ship, Dushamaya, So Long The Path, Hollywood Forever, Putty In Your Hand, Rain In My Heart, Sebastian,Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, Vision, Be Still, The Black Swan, Bedsitter, Say Hello Wave Goodbye ( live only), I Returned To Find You, Hot Hard And Ready, Children Of The Revolution, Crying, Dream Lover, Gutter Hearts ( excerpt only), I Can’t Stand It

Thank you all again


3 May 2020
Marc has been posting regular songs on his Official Instagram. These are very intimate, lo-fi performances from home. Here is Bedsitter, Hollywood Forever and Chevrolet Corvette Stingray as a sample.

Please make sure it is Marc’s genuine, official account as a few fakes have popped up recently. These accounts use the word official with added variants and are often private to get round Instagram rules. We are concerned because some of these accounts have been conducting what they say are personal chats with Marc and even asking for money. Marc does not have a private Instagram account, he doesn’t have chats over Instagram and never asks for money to be sent to him. Only donations to Headway Charity. You should find a blue tick beside Marc's account name. Beware as these accounts are often scams. If you are approached by one, please report it.


Hollywood Forever

Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

1 May 2020
And more Bolan - Marc has been working for a while on his own Marc Bolan album with Producer and multi instrumentalist Chris Braide. Both are Marc Bolan and T Rex fans and they wanted to make a personal record presenting Marc Bolan’s songs as stripped down ‘Glamorous Torch Songs’, highlighting beautiful melodies and poetic lyrics.

Marc recorded a number of songs in Los Angeles and has been continuing recording with files being sent back and forth with Chris during lockdown. The album, Marc Sings Marc, has no release date as yet. Marc and Chris debuted one of the songs from the album, Change, at their Festival Hall show in February.

Meanwhile, here's a sample of one of the tracks, The Visit.

A single from Chaos and a Dancing Star will be released as soon as possible after present restrictions are lifted.

29 April 2020
AngelHeaded Hipster, an extraordinary tribute to the songs of Marc Bolan and T Rex, is available to pre-order now. This double album, released on 4 September, features an interpretation of ‘Teenage Dream’ by Marc.

You can pre-order the album on Double CD, Double Vinyl and Digital now from: https://t-rex.lnk.to/AngelFA

24 April 2020
Get your pink flamingo emojis at the ready!! This Sunday, 26 April, Marc will be taking part in the country wide 2.6 Challenge replacing the London Marathon which ordinarily would have taken place this Sunday in normal circumstances. In these hard times we find ourselves in due to Covid 19, many charities are seriously suffering. The cancelled marathon will slash huge income from fundraisers along with other cancelled events and initiatives. Headway UK is a very special charity to Marc. He will be taking part in The 2.6 Challenge to try and raise some much needed income for them. This Sunday 26 April at 6pm he will be singing a song live on Instagram (Insta Story Live) that you will all be able to sing along to.

Any donation, no matter how small, is SO appreciated and so vital to keep Headway going and to give head injury sufferers the vital support and care they so need.

To make a donation please go to www.headway.org.uk/2point6

Look forwarding to seeing you all at 6pm this Sunday on Instagram Live. www.instagram.com/marcalmondofficial/

#marcalmond #headwayUk #2point6challenge #2.6challenge

15 April 2020
Catch up with Marc’s Torch Song Selfies on his Instagram account. Lo-fi, intimate home performances of songs posted every few days. No Production, no microphone, just to camera songs. Some of Marc’s favourites and yours too.

Marc wants to say that his voice and breathing haven’t recovered fully after his suspected illness from the virus. He hopes these songs will mark his vocal recovery and he hopes you enjoy them. Marc wants to send you love and for all fans around the World to look after themselves and be careful. He will be back on stage when all this goes away and looks forward to seeing you.

14 April 2020
For a limited time Marc is giving you a private link to access and watch the video recording of the concert he did at the Royal Festival Hall earlier in the year with producer, songwriter and fantastic musician Chris Braide and very special guest Ian Anderson. This was filmed for private reference by Paul Green Productions, sound recorded by Gale Force Sound and specially remixed by Chris Braide. Click here to view the first half. Click here to view the second half.

8 April 2020
Marc will be in conversation with Steve Wright on BBC Radio 2 this Thursday between 2pm and 5pm. For further details and to listen online visit the Steve Wright In The Afternoon webpage.

6 April 2020
Four new videos have been uploaded to Marc's YouTube channel today. They are all live recordings from the recent show Marc did with Chris Braide at the Royal Festival Hall to celebrate the release of Chaos And A Dancing Star. The songs featured are Black Sunrise, When The Stars Are Gone, The Witch's Promise and Lord Of Misrule, the last two featuring Ian Anderson. There will be more uploaded in the coming days but, for now, pop over to Marc's YouTube channel and enjoy reliving parts of that very special event.

24 March 2020
Hi Everybody
I'm sure those of you who saw my last Instagram post will know that I have the virus but good news is that today I feel immeasurably better and feel it's reaching its end. I've felt better before and it returns but this time I really feel it's turned a corner. I wanted to post to show that we are all in the same boat and anyone can get the virus. I've now removed the post as its done its job and who wants that bringing them down? Life's bad enough! There's lots of very funny visual jokes going round at present, most of bad taste, but we need that humour.

Nothing can protect you from the virus but your common sense and nothing is totally foolproof because even going to the supermarket is fraught with risks every time you touch something. Please be careful and responsible and think of others. Look after yourselves and follow the advice by the Government. Just because maybe you don't follow Boris or the Conservatives, please don't think "I'm going to ignore him"; everybody is singing from the same sheet in the end. Social distancing, isolation, gatherings of no more than two, no panic buying - the warehouses are full of stock and produce and the factories are making more food products and toilet rolls every day. Just get what you need and try to eat healthy.

Needless to say there is virtually no music business or entertainment industry at the moment, ironic as we need it now more than ever. Many of my concerts have been cancelled or postponed until Autumn or early next year. Quite a few things still in for Autumn, fingers crossed and with all the hope in the world, but we can only see. It will take a while for things to recover but when it does I hope to see you fit and healthy. For those people whose jobs are at risk at present my heart goes out to you and I hope something can be salvaged for you from this mess.

Listen to music, discover new music, read books and watch all your favourite films. Have a life clear out.

I hope its not long before I can bring you good news.

Lots of love and warm safe wishes


6 January 2020
The video for Marc's new single, Slow Burn Love, is released today and can be watched in full on YouTube at marcalmond.lnk.to/SlowBurnLoveVidFA

The track is taken from Marc's new album, Chaos And A Dancing Star, which is released on 31 January 2020.

The full album will be available on various CD and vinyl formats. To pre-order, visit the official Chaos And A Dancing Star store.

To celebrate the launch of the album, Marc Almond will perform a unique show at London's Royal Festival Hall on 10 February 2020 with his friend and collaborator, the award winning musician, writer and producer, Chris Braide. Tickets are available now from Ticketmaster.

19 December 2019
Marc's new album, Chaos And A Dancing Star, is released on 31 January 2020. Lord Of Misrule was the first track released from the album at the end of November and the video for it can be viewed here. A second track, Hollydood Forever, has now been made available and can be previewed at MarcAlmond.lnk.to/HollywoodFA.

The full album will be available on various CD and vinyl formats. To pre-order, visit the official Chaos And A Dancing Star store.

To celebrate the launch of the album, Marc Almond will perform a unique show at London's Royal Festival Hall on 10 February 2020 with his friend and collaborator, the award winning musician, writer and producer, Chris Braide. Tickets are available now from Ticketmaster.